The Best Time of the Year to Visit Laguna de Apoyo

I get asked this question a lot: "When is the best time of the year to visit Apoyo Lodge and Laguna de Apoyo?" And my answer is inevitably the same: ALL THE TIME. I mean, if I didn’t think that way I wouldn’t probably live here, right? But I thought it might be useful for you to know in a little more detail what to expect, if you are planning to visit us and this beautiful paradise that is the Laguna de Apoyo Natural Reserve.

Photo taken by Spurgeon James in February 2017

Photo taken by Spurgeon James in February 2017

As I am sure you have read already, Nicaragua has two distinct seasons: Dry Season from November to April and Rainy Season from May to October. However, there is more know about these two seasons and a few other “sub-seasons” within the two main ones.

January, February & March: Traditionally, the “high” season for travel here, mostly based on the fact that it is so cold up in the northern countries that people feel like migrating south as if they were birds. During January and February, the landscape begins to change as if it was Autumn in the northern hemisphere. You might catch a rain storm or two during January (although this year we have had them all the way to middle of February which is a rarity!) but in general the weather is mostly dry, with the trees dropping their leaves and the few mosquitoes we have around here giving space to their friends, the flies. This is the start of “Fly season”. I swear I have no idea where these flies come from, all at once, and where do they go when the end of April approaches and they all disappear at once. Natural magic I guess. The wind is also a constant during this period, helping bring the temperatures down a notch.

Aerial photo taken by unknown in April 2016

Aerial photo taken by unknown in April 2016

April: Known as the hottest month here, April sees the end of the winds, and the highest temperatures (now, remember that high here, is never TOO high. I mean, our year around temperature fluctuates between 20°C and 30°C, or 65°F to 85°F). It is definitely the harshest landscape you get to see in the Laguna, as the land is mostly dry and yellow (apart from the trees and plants we water diligently) and towards the end of the month, it is also very humid as we get ready to welcome the very much awaited rains coming in early May. Honestly, I don't personally think it is that hot, but I guess that coming from southern Spain, I know what real HOT means :) On the plus side, it is mango season then. If you are a mango lover, you are coming at the right time, my friend! Also, if you are dealing with one of those unexpected cold springs in the northern countries, I am sure you will be very happy to have this heat and sunshine as your alternative 😊

May & June: Two of my favorite months to be here. Coincidentally, they are also considered low season as it is the official beginning of Rainy Season, but to this day, I still don’t know why because it is certainly one of the best times to be around the Laguna de Apoyo. First week of May usually brings the first showers of the season, which is like Xmas arrived early: the land turns green overnight (seriously it changes within a week! You can see the change in the pictures below, left one taken in April 2017 and right one taken in May 2017) and it feels like the whole Laguna comes back to life. The water is calm and gorgeous and there aren’t many people around, so you feel like you have it to yourself. It is incredibly beautiful. It is also “Firefly & Frog” season. These dudes also come out of nowhere during this month and light up our nights, both visually and musically, for the next few weeks. I run Spring Detox Camp during this month as I think it is such a "treat to retreat" here at this time of the year.

July, August and first half of September: These months are in essence very similar to May and June, with the difference of an increased number of visitors brought in by the northern hemisphere’s summer break. Unlike what people think, Rainy Season is not like it is raining all the time, monsoon style. We get rain maybe in the morning, or the afternoon or at night and then it stops and sometimes we don’t even see rain in 3 or 4 days. The first two weeks of September are also really nice with pretty awesome weather and less people visiting the nearby sights and attractions. In fact you can check it yourself by watching our video below which was filmed in September 2017

Second half of September & October: I guess I have to call these my least favorite weeks to be around here. Now, this truly depends on the year, but traditionally, rains become more frequent in the second half of September, and until the middle of October, making it more humid and wet on a daily basis. This is not a problem for many people, and if you are one of them, you will be rewarded with the most stunning landscape, the Laguna full and at its best, less tourists around and a chance to get discounted rates in accommodation. During the second half of October the rains begin to slow down and it gives way to my favorite time of the year.


November & December: Two of the best months to visit Laguna de Apoyo, for sure. Although technically part of the dry season, November usually sees the end tail of the rains with sporadic showers, sunny days and a beautiful green and lush landscape here in the Laguna. The water is calm and clear, and the temperature is nearly perfect (warm but you might need to cover yourself at night). I choose this month to hold my Healthy Living with Miriam annual retreat (pictured left was taken during the November 2017 edition) December is similar but the first week usually brings the first winds of Windy Season which lasts few weeks between then and the end of February or March. Some people welcome the constant breeze and the waves, but I personally prefer when it is calmer the previous month. “Different strokes for different folks”, as they say.

I hope you found this post useful, and that one month or another, we get to host you very soon!

With Love and Light, Miriam