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We are Maribel and Miriam, two wandering souls originally from Spain who met in the DR Congo, in 2013. We both had just joined the UN to bring our professional skills and experience to the peacekeeping mission there, wanting to have a more meaningful career. We have been best friends ever since, and after a year in the field, we parted separate ways geographically, but remained close as ever. We both had pictured our future running a small hotel or lodge somewhere quiet and beautiful during a vacation in Mozambique and, eventually, life brought us to the stunning Laguna de Apoyo, where we have found our dream place.

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Maribel continues to make the world a better place as a humanitarian engineer, currently based in the Middle East. She also has a thing for saving and adopting cats in hostile environments: Her Afghan cat, Pablo, will be here for sure waiting for you. She dreams about opening an animal sanctuary in the near future. Maribel visits Apoyo Lodge very often, if you are lucky, she will be your host when you come to visit us.



Miriam lives full time at the lodge, helping people become a healthier, happier version of themselves both through their visit to the lodge, and her transformational retreats. She counts on the invaluable help of her husband, Manuel, her stepdaughter, Yahoska, and a bunch of rescued animals. Join Miriam in one of her upcoming retreats, check the calendar here for details!

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