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OUR PHONE NUMBERS: +50584930400 (CLARO) AND +50581851592 (MOVISTAR, Whatsapp)

Our address: 1km al sur de San Simian Eco Lodge, Laguna de Apoyo, Masaya, Nicaragua. 


how to find us:

Now, if our address doesn't mean much to you (don't worry, nobody gets Nicaraguan addresses anyway!), here are driving directions: Once you are approaching the Laguna de Apoyo entrance, follow signs to Apoyo Resort, which is located at the end of the paved road, once you turn right at the "Triangle". From there, continue to reach San Simian Eco Lodge (will be on your left). After San Simian, the road gets narrower, and after a couple of bends, you will reach a corner in which you need to make a 90 degree turn to the left, down a steep hill towards the public beach. There is a sign here to help you. Continue passing the public beach and then when the road seems to split in two again, take  the one on the right, going up a steep hill (there is another sign here). At the top of the hill there is a wood cross on your right. Continue for about 500mts and you will find us on the left side, there is a very bright sign outside, so you can't miss us :)

PLEASE NOTE: During the green season (May to October), and any other time of the year when there has been heavy rain, you might need a 4x4 drive to make it up the hill after the public beach (or at least a car with a decent engine). In regular conditions, a high car is still recommended versus a small low car, but 4x4 is not required. If in doubt, call us in advance to check the road conditions on the day of your arrival, thanks!

* We offer transfers from the airport and all other locations in Nicaragua, enquire for details *