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Are you ready to take control over your life? If the answer is yes, then let’s talk…


Let’s take a quick test first (I love tests!) – Just nod your head up and down every time you read something in this list that resonates with your life right now:

  • You eat the wrong things, you feel guilty about it… but you still eat them, and then you beat yourself over it.
  • You have uncontrollable cravings for sugar, chocolate and carbs pretty much all the time.
  • You drink too much coffee during the week. Or too much alcohol during the weekend. Or Coke all the time. Or a mix of all of them.
  • You have unwanted pounds that never leave you even though you have tried every diet in the book.
  • You have joined the gym, Zumba class, the pool, even tried jogging, but never been able to stick to any exercise routine.
  • You have a successful job that stresses the hell out of you but you cannot quit, because, well, how could you justify that?
  • You don’t sleep well or you are constipated all the time or you suffer from yeast infections regularly, but you don’t talk about it because it is embarrassing.
  • You jump from failed relationship to failed relationship and you don’t even know how to exit the vicious circle.

If you nodded even just one time, you are in the right place and you are talking to the right person:  Miriam, Health & Lifestyle Coach and Co-owner of Apoyo Lodge.

And how do I know that? Because I have been each one of those things listed above and if I can make the lifestyle change, trust me, so can you. Also, because I believe that if your curiosity (or the universe!) made us cross paths is because we have something to learn from each other. I am very hippie-tree-hugging like that :)


It all started with a transition to veganism for me. From there, my curiosity led me down a path full of learning, change, balance and ultimately to finally find who I really am.

I am now a certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, and with my formal education, together with my personal and professional experience that spans 14 years across 6 countries in 4 continents, I help people just like you to find balance between the main pillars of life: the food they eat, the work they do, the way they move their bodies, the people they spend time with and ultimately the way they live their life according to what they really believe in.

We are all different. That’s why so many of the pre-established diets, exercise routines or jobs did not work for me. That is why they don’t work for you either. When we work together, we find what works personally for you, what makes you thrive and become alive. It might be spinach, it might be dancing in the moonlight, who knows!

There is a life out there where you gain control over who you really are, and I am here to hold your hand and guide you to find it, if you are ready for it.

What sort of things can I specifically help you with?

  • Transition to a balanced plant based diet, or to generally include more greens in your life.
  • Lose weight in a fun and effortless way. Seriously, this is possible. I even eat cake for breakfast now some times and not feel guilty about it. True story. 
  • Get rid of some chronic health issues you thought you would have to deal with for life: food allergies and intolerances, constipation, skin issues, sinusitis, yeast infections…
  • Find an exercise routine that works for you and your schedule, as busy as it might be.
  • Reduce and manage your stress in a sustainable way.
  • Review your career and personal relationships closely and identify and remove those roadblocks that stop you feeling fulfilled.

How does it work then? We make a plan for you, we meet twice a month (in person or Skype) for 6 months and step by step, together, we make it happen. We are not here for quick fixes, we are working towards lifestyle changes that will make you feel better indefinitely. I know you can do it (you have read this far for a reason!), and nothing makes me happier than witnessing positive transformations of beautiful souls like yours. Well, maybe eating chocolate cake for breakfast and not feeling guilty also does the trick. 

And, how much does changing your life costs? Well, that is going to depend on where you are in this big world and on your current circumstances. I believe in fairness, and after living in so many different parts of the globe, and understanding how different lifestyles and financial situations can be, I believe that the individuality that I use to create your program, also applies when setting the rate.

Want to hear more? Book a free 45 minute consultation with me during your visit to Apoyo Lodge (or over Skype) and let’s see if and how I can help you reach your goals to become the best possible version of yourself. You only get to live once, and the best time to start enjoying that journey was yesterday, the next best time is today.

Let’s do this.

Love and Light,