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Reiki Refresher - 1 Day Workshop

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Revive your Reiki self-care practice and continue to share your light with others.

Have you received at least Reiki 1 and feel like you are:

- Not truly experiencing all of the benefits Reiki has to offer?

- Question if you’re doing it right?

- Unsure how to incorporate Reiki for self-care?

- Doubt your spiritual connection?

If you answered yes to anyone of these questions then this workshop, is for you.

Within this 1 day we’ll discuss how to
* Enhance your self-care
* Increase your confidence about offering Reiki to others
*Incorporate Reiki into your daily and/or professional life
* Embrace your spiritual connection
* Discuss your doubts in a confidential location
* Practice in pairs and as a group
* Meditate and feel the Reiki energy flow through

Then we’ll end the class with a Reiki attunement and meditation.

* Workshop is for people who’ve taken at least Reiki 1 at any point in their lives.
It'll be offered in English and Spanish.

Lunch is included!

VIP packages are available that include private healing sessions.

Workshop will be facilitated by Paty Mariposa, a Holistic Stress Release Counselor and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who empowers overwhelmed and stressed heart-centered individuals achieve balance in their lives so they can feel happy and healthier using natural and holistic techniques. For more information visit her website,

Co-Facilitator is Libby Creagh, Founder of Essential You Yoga and Usui Reiki Master.

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